Eyes & Lips // Make-up Haul

Today’s make-up haul is all about seasonal eyes and lips;

First up let’s talk KIKO…Whilst wandering around Covent Garden, this brand caught my eye. Having never been in there before, I inevitably went a little crazy…
This first eyeshadow 212 Emerald Green is part of KIKO’s water eyeshadow collection. Priced at just £4.40, these shadows are more pigmented than most up-market brands! If applied in the central area of the lid, this shadow will effectively draw immediate attention.
I also picked up these Smart Eye Pencils in the shades “800 Golden Silk” and “812 Golden Spring Green”. Much like the shadows, these eye pencils are rich in colour as well as being easily applicable. They are perfect for the inner corners of the eyes to finish off a look. These pencils are definitely worth more than the £2.50 they are priced at.
My final KIKO purchases were these two Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipsticks in the shades (left to right) “106 Mauve” and “107 Mocaccino”. These shades are perfect for this time of year and they sutbly finish off an outfit nicely. The lipsticks are extremely long-lasting and hydrating on the lip, and I would highly recommend checking out more of this collection, especially as they are priced at just £8.90.
Sticking with lipsticks, I next made a trip into Bobbi Brown where I purchased “Pink Nude” from the Luxe Lip Colour collection, and “Plum Rose” from the Rich Lip Colour collection. Although much pricier than KIKO, again these autumnal colours are perfect for finalising any outfit, in particular the simple jumper and leggings combo. These two lipsticks have been my most complemented out of all of my collection…I am completely obsessed!
I ended my shopping trip in my all time favourite, MAC. My first purchase was this Extra Dimension eyeshadow in the shade “Stylishly Merry“. This extremely pigmented shadow gives a metallic, shimmer effect, which is long-lasting and simply perfect for the christmas and new years parties that are round the corner.
Also from the Extra Dimension collection is this beautiful shade named “Silver Sun”. When the light catches this shadow, it will take you by surprise. This product can make an entire outfit and I can’t wait to get a lot of use out of it!
Stars ‘N’ Rockets” was my most eye-popping and exciting shade that I purchased. It successfully changes colour as the light hits it from different directions and needs only a little application to give the full effect. Worked together with KIKO’s Emerald Green, this might just be the best combination ever to be made (tutorial coming soon).
My final purchase is this miniature version of MAC’s famous Pigment collection. In the shade “Rose“, I couldn’t resist buying it whilst I wait for “Copper Sparkle” to come back in stock! This gorgeous colour easily intensifies any makeup look, giving a striking effect that will be sure to catch everyone’s attention.
Love Luisa

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