What’s in my bag?

It’s Christmas party season! As much as I’d love to show you a long list of things I carry about with me when I’m out, I’m a girl with a light bag. I only carry the things that I need (or think I need) anyway. Here they are:


This one is 100% a no brainer. I don’t leave my house without my phone, (and I take my ipad/macbook to school everyday too!). Of course this is needed to make sure that I can contact a cab company/parents/friends easily during the evening. I love my phone case, the delicate feather details are really pretty, and the case is durable, protecting my phone. As much as a naked iPhone is very attractive, I think this case is prettier. So yes, my phone is an essential on a night out. No silly drunk texting allowed though…


Train journeys and cab journeys can be tedious. My headphones keep me sane whilst I am travelling to and from parties and events. 


Cash to keep me covered for drinks, travel, and petty cash for that subway I need when I’m feeling a bit peckish. Yes. I’m the girl that leaves parties to grab a Mcdonalds at 11 at night.


Make up is there for top ups throughout the night! I often lose some lipstick on the rims of cups and bottles, so it’s essential to make trips to the bathroom to keep my make up tidy. I’ll always take the shade I applied before the party with me. A favourite one of mine at the moment (not pictured above because I misplaced it *sigh*, is the pastel pink lipgloss that comes in the Britney Spear’s fantasy set. My mum brought this home from Florida, and it keeps my lips moisturised for a very long time. Not available in the UK, but here’s a gift set anyway.


The white clutch bag is one of my favourites at the moment! It’s faux leather, with a over shoulder handle included (which I always keep inside the bag too just in case). The word WEEKEND MILLIONAIRE is embossed, which I think is ironic since you can see my £5 petty cash but okay…

What do you carry with you on nights out?
Joksie xo

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